Friday, June 09, 2017

What's a nice way to say "I don't care." ????


Friday, February 10, 2017

Last minute Flowers for your Valentine?

So I thought I'd be a lovely sweet daughter for once and send my mom pretty flowers on Valentine's day.


First of all, why are nice flowers in Singapore so bloody expensive?!!?!?!

Also, I thought I'd be different and send her Hipster-ish rustic wild flower types ya know?
Those are priced exorbitantly too! Don't get me started on the ridiculously astronomical SURCHARGES for "Valentine's day period" too?! When I say Valentine's day period, it means 10th to 15th Feb.

What on earth?
Excuse me?! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!

Fine. So I've decided that I'm done looking, I'd just hurt my wallet anyway. BUT WHAT THE FREAK?! Flower bouquets on 13-14 Feb and some even on 15 Feb are SOLD OUT!!!!!!!


Well sod it.

Just when I'd thought I'd give up anyway, I chanced upon...


SO PRETTY and very affordable. The only disadvantage is that I'm not even sure how the bouquet will look coz the florist changes them everyday.
Guess that's how she keeps her costs low.

ANYWAY... thought I'd share some other sites I chanced upon with real pretty flowers at relatively affordable prices


I SUPER LOVE!!!! Why wasn't my bridal bouquet this pretty?

Remember to use the $5 discount code for first time customers! ABETTERWELCOME


But if you really wanna WOW your partner?

Imma be bold and tell you that THIS will surpass all your expectations and hers.


This is absolutely dainty, delicate and gorgeous.
Not to mention, it lasts!!!
Well, for like 2 years if you took heed to maintain it as advised.

Doesn't it remind you of Beauty and the Beast?

And then you look at the price and you're like shaken from disbelief.

Well you know what? I'm glad I'm not a man.
And while I appreciate being charmed off my socks with pretty flowers...
I prefer preserved flowers. LOL!!!!

I mean.... it's nice but it's not necessary.

But it's nice.

But expensive.


Monday, January 16, 2017

People have been asking me if I'm gonna be preggies.
Or sometimes, they'd directly ask if I AM.



Stop asking

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Michael Buble

I'm a long time avid "fan" (the non-committal type) of Michael Buble.
And he has just released his latest album, "Nobody But Me"!
Apart from the less-than-impressive-cheesy-retro MTV to this single, there's also this totes legit redundant rap part which is no value add whatsoever to the song, otherwise it's rather groovy.

Still loving the "Someday" with Meghan Trainor (supposedly also written by Harry Styles? Is that the goofy guy from One Direction who dated Taylor Swift?)

and of course, "I Believe In You".

As much as I'm vibing these new songs from Michael, nothing beats "Home" and his cover versions of jazzy numbers and Christmas songs.

Image result for michael buble meme
Not true, for me, but still funny
 So it's almost Christmas y'all!

Image result for michael buble meme
One more reason to add on to list of 'Why I love Christmas'

And I'd be expecting something fancy from Hubsie.


Monday, October 10, 2016

First World Problems

I was at Star Vista with hubs for lunch yesterday.
The sun was scorching. I had to take a bus from church and transfer to the MRT to reach Star Vista.

While Robs was queuing at Cedele's counter, 3 older folks sat at the table adjacent to ours.
A man with a moustache resembling pubic hair, and an elder couple.

I did not eavesdrop. But I overheard their conversation. Some of it anyway.
It was incredulous and it was entertaining.


A troubled father who owns a business pouring his family woes.

It was about his 22 Year old (brat of a) daughter. How she refused to speak to him as he didn't want to take a loan to buy her a house in Holland Village.

His plan was to get his son and daughter a house each, then when they are all older and married, he'd get a bigger house so they can all live together. So he continued about how if the daughter picked a place like Sembawang he can still afford, but not Holland v. And he was listing areas near Holland V and said ' who in the right mind would wanna stay in Orchard Road? Imagine the holidays like Christmas, that place would be jam-packed"

Robs overheard the part about how the uncle couldn't afford First class tickets to Paris 3 times a year for the family. They could only take business class... Boo-freakin-Hoo.

The uncle went on to tell the couple (who had genuine looks of concern flashed across their faces) about how he drove his daughter in his Lexus and she looked the other way, not a word.

I'd half the mind to go like "Uncle, you should bitch-slap your daughter and send her to India,"

The lamenting uncle had a story... he never had a proper bed until he was 18- while in the army.

He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He had to work for what he has today. But he's a softee when it comes to his children... that's why his daughter turned out to be sucha bitch.

ANYWAY... we couldn't stand it any longer, we just had to faster leave and bitch about THAT.


We got on our way, left Star Vista for the MRT and walked past the tissue peddler uncle in the wheelchair who actually smiled and greeted us...
Robs was all poetic and took out his wallet to make a purchase- then said "Do you see the difference between this uncle and the rich one from earlier? Who's happier?"

I get what he's driving at... but I'm pretty sure I'd be happy... on a plane to Paris- just once. And I don't even need business class.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

'I hate my life and I wish I was never born'.

Stands true.
Maybe forever and for always.

I have nothing to live for.

I never want to be anyone's 'additional source of stress'.

Maybe I'm being (God forbid) demanding?

So once again, I shall preoccupy myself with things and quality time with things that don't really matter.

So.. this void - the sort of loneliness that can't be expressed or explained. I've found myself going back to it. This time I'm being cornered to it. OK. I'll stay here. And then I'm gonna revel in it. And I will eventually enjoy it.

There's beauty in indulging in dreams. When you wake, you're hit with the harsh realities of life. And then you wait for the night to creep in, till you lay and dream again.

Monday, August 22, 2016

What is with the shouting really?

It's like a wretched organisational culture for people in "high places" to shout at people.

Why don't you carve out that ugly mouth trap and shove it up where the sun doesn't shine?
We most definitely have no lack of negative energy resonating, bouncing off the mouldy walls here already.

*major rolls eyes*


Side note:
There's a cute dude like a few desk away!
Heard he's an intern from some Engineering academy in AUS, TX though. So that would mean he's like way younger.
Super tall, looks like a model. Floppy hair... okay, maybe he's gay.